Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


At Istishari Hospital we are privileged to have highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists. Our knowledgeable expert doctors, who keep abreast of the latest innovation techniques in the field, are reputable locally and regionally for their expertise in the cosmetic, functional, as well as reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Our experienced plastic surgeons are happy to consult with you regarding various procedures such as: Botox and fillers, breast augmentation, breast reduction and reconstruction, face-lifts, eyelid procedures, laser skin care, rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, hand and limb surgery, varicose vein removal, burn treatment and surgery, simple and complex craniofacial surgery, as well as other procedures.

At Istishari Hospital, we understand the stress involved before and after undergoing plastic surgery procedures. Our professional staff is on hand to answer your questions and concerns and put your mind at ease. In addition, our state-of- the-art facilities and advanced equipment also allow us to continuously acquire technologies: such as focusing on improved precision, diagnosis, and treatment of skin alterations. We select tools that help us treat with accuracy, many vascular skin lesions including congenital and acquired vascular skin lesions.

Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, specialized nurses, and psychosocial workers are available to support you every step of the way and answer all your questions and concerns before the surgery, for inpatient and outpatient care.

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