Day Surgery


The Istishari Hospital's highly efficient day surgery unit performs outpatient surgical and endoscopic procedures. Our exceptional staff provides our patients with high quality care for procedures ranging from minor to complex, such as: ENT, cardiac catheterization, laparoscopic hernias, gynecological and general surgeries.

Day surgery is a planned elective procedure that may require the use of a full operating theatre facility and general anesthesia. Patients are then closely monitored and safely discharged on the same day.

Our goal at Istishari Hospital is not only to provide our patients with evidenced based care, but also the flexibility that fits into their lifestyle and schedule. Our day surgery unit greatly benefits our patients as it lessens the disruption of their daily lives with faster recovery times, and also decreases the likelihood of acquiring hospital infections. In addition, outpatient procedures are advantageous as they are highly cost effective to patients and do not carry the burden of additional out of pocket expenses, either as self pay or co-pay with insurance.

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