Memory Clinic


The Memory Clinic at Istishari Hospital provides neurological evaluation, diagnosis and management of memory disorders under the care of a highly qualified and experienced American-trained neurologist with special training in Memory and Cognitive Disorders.

Our specialist provides detailed assessment of memory and cognitive functions for healthy adolescents and adults as well as adults with all stages of cognitive impairment. This detailed assessment includes evaluation of short-term and long-term memory, language, verbal fluency, orientation, executive functions, visuospatial abilities, attention, processing speed, and visual-motor coordination. Our battery encompasses standardized tests such as the Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS-cog), Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR), Short Blessed Test, Beck's Depression Inventory and others.

Our Memory Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals with memory disorders, and cognitive or motor impairment; including conditions such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease dementia, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other less common causes for cognitive impairment in the elderly in a warm and friendly environment.

Being the first of its kind in the country, our Memory Clinic in Istishari Hospital has become a renowned referral center providing consultations for local and regional neurologists, primary care physicians and health-care professionals who need specialized evaluation and management of patients with cognitive impairment.

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