At Istishari Hospital, irrespective of how minor, major, or complex a surgery is, we put in place a protocol of steps and precautions that we follow to secure a safe and comfortable experience for our patients. Above all else we are dedicated to the mission of providing comprehensive care that follows the strictest standards of safety and comfort to all our patients.


At the Istishari Hospital we are aware of the importance of preadmission testing before any surgery. For this reason we schedule an appointment for you with an anaesthesiologist or physician's assistant in order to undergo a thorough evaluation. During this comprehensive process, we will gather information relating to your medical and surgical history, as well as document all the medication that you take. We will also discuss any known allergies and all experiences relating to anaesthesia.

You may also be required to undergo a checkup and testing before surgery to ensure a safe surgical outcome. Depending on the kind of surgery being performed, and past medical conditions, required tests may include, but are not limited to, blood work, chest x-ray, and an EKG. We recommend that you bring a current list of all medications to your appointment. In addition, if you are aware of any known complications relating to intubations, it is essential that you provide all pertinent documentation of adverse reactions to the anaesthesiologist.

At Istishari Hospital, your safety is paramount, therefore it is essential and possibly lifesaving that you are candid and provide us with detailed information regarding your health. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through your surgical procedure and answer your questions to help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable by discussing all benefits and risks. During the interview the physician will explain to you the different varieties of anaesthetics available. However, a final decision will be reached at the direction of the anaesthesiologist. It is our goal to ensure a comfortable environment where you can be an advocate on your own behalf and discuss any concerns that you may have before your surgical experience.


On the day of your surgery you will complete your admission process, and be admitted to the pre-operative holding area where our team will assist you in changing into the operating room gown. You will then be prepped for your procedure by starting an intravenous line and marking the surgical site. At this point you will meet with the anaesthesiologist who has already reviewed your medical history information and who will be managing your case. Your experienced physician will be there to meet with you to answer any questions or concerns, as well as clarify and explain the process once again before starting the procedure.


It is our primary goal to provide our patients with the quality care they have come to expect at the Istishari hospital. We are diligent in following the highest international safety standards by monitoring the patient's condition with standard monitors such as EKG, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry. At the Istishari Hospital, your safety is our top priority. Therefore we invest in the best and most accurate specialty monitors and technologies to perform procedures that include; arterial lines, central lines, pulmonary artery catheters, and a multitude of other measures.


When your surgery is completed, a professional team will transport you from the operating room to the post anaesthesia recovery care unit. Our highly experienced and caring nursing team will help care, and manage your pain, attentively check and observe your surgical site, and take care of any post operative nausea under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist. Once the recovery team feels you are alert and ready to be transferred, arrangements will be made for your discharge including all instructions for post-operative recovery. For admission to our hospital, you will be taken to a room in the assigned unit where our nursing staff will help ensure a comfortable experience during your stay with us.

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