Spiritual Support


At Istishari Hospital, part of our mission is to ensure that our patients' needs are met to the best of our. Compassion and comprehensive patient care make up the back bone of our core values; we do not spare an opportunity to go the extra mile helping facilitate our inpatients hospital stay. As a diverse, non denominational hospital, patients with different religious and cultural backgrounds come to us from different parts of the country, and around the world. At the Istishari Hospital we diligently work towards offering compassionate spiritual care and emotional support to our patients whenever needed.

Recent studies conducted over the past decades in leading US and European hospitals, demonstrated that an individual's health and well-being improved when his or her spiritual needs are met and attended to. Some of the merits of spiritual support results in a shorter hospital duration, better pain tolerance, positive hospital inpatient experience, and a better motivation to move steadily towards the healing process.

Leading the way in the multidisciplinary approach to medical care in Jordan, Istishari Hospital fully integrates spiritual healing into our patient support services as a remedial option for the patients in our care. Please inquire with our patient representatives about our multidenominational faith services.

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