Health Care Clinical Team


At Istishari we are committed to providing each patient with the best possible healthcare experience from the initial consultation, through diagnosis and treatment, to post-treatment follow-ups. Regardless of your status, origin, age, sex, or religion, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you or your loved ones with the best care.


Hospitalist physicians are specialists available around the clock to manage and coordinate all aspects of your care during your stay. They understand the internal processes of the hospital and work to ensure your comfort and speedy recovery. Hospitalists keep primary care physicians informed about your day-to-day care and progress, and confer with them often to determine the best course of care.


Istishari Hospital's healthcare team provides excellent care thanks to our dedicated staff of certified and experienced nurses. Our professional registered and associated nurses are in constant contact with patients and work diligently to provide the very best care to each and every patient who chooses our hospital for care.


The Nurse Call System is located on each bed. Press the button if you need assistance and a staff member will respond as quickly as possible.


Your nurse will direct you on the proper usage of the electronically operated controls. Please ask your nurse for assistance at any time to get in or out of your bed. Remember that dizziness or impaired balance often affect many patients, it is therefore recommended that you talk to your nurse whenever you need support. Our nursing staff is on hand to ensure the personal safety of all of our patients.


All medications you take while in the hospital are prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by the hospital pharmacy, and administered by a hospital nurse. Patients are not permitted to administer their own drugs or keep personal medications at their bedsides.

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