Psychosocial Support


At Istishari Hospital, our compassionate psychosocial workers help patients become more responsive to hospital treatments by providing a thorough evaluation and confidential counseling that takes into account their diagnosis, length of stay, and treatment plan.

Upon admission to the hospital, a psychosocial worker visits the inpatients in the comfort of their rooms to make sure that their welfare and psychosocial needs are being met.


Some of the patients that come to Istishari Hospital are not only dealing with a medical issue but with a level of anxiety as well. Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare experts provides systematic support to inpatients and their families to reduce their stress, alleviate their fears, and educate them on ways to deal with current medical issues.

Our psychosocial workers communicate the outcome of their visits with patients and their nurses or the hospitalists in the wards, and meet with the referring physicians if the condition of the patient necessitates immediate attention and feedback.

The psychosocial worker visits the patient within 48 hours of admission, to complete the original assessment. Patients are then monitored on a daily basis to ensure their wellbeing. A reassessment for each patient is done within a week or earlier on an as needed basis.

Targeted patients and families

The main functions of our psychosocial workers are to spread awareness through education and support for our patients and their families. They provide clarification and benefits concerning treatment for: dialysis, hematology oncology, labor, postpartum care, child and adult abuse, elderly care, trauma, as well as long term and terminally ill patients. Furthermore, support is provided to families of end of life stage patients having to cope with loss and separation. Procedural guidelines are also explained in detail regarding tissue and organ donation.

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