Patient Testimonials

Allow us to share with you the gratitude letters or appreciation notes received from some of our valued patients, who wanted to shed light on their positive experiences while with us.

For confidentiality reasons we only mentioned dates of service and rooms' numbers and posted patients and families testimonials as provided by them to our patients representatives while keeping the originals on files.

Date: July 20, 2013
Room Number: 206

Extend my sincere thanks to the management of the hospital and all the staff on the second floor and single out resident doctors and nurses.

Date: July 10, 2013
Room Number: 208

Thanks for all the staff because they provide a great service to the patient and my evaluation for them is very good with appreciation. Special thanks to Dr. Majdi Barakat consultant blood diseases and tumors, and to Dima Al-Farah the clinical psychologist because of their effect on my mental health during the treatment period.

Date: July 8, 2013
Room Number: 104

Many thanks to the hospital general management.
And all floor staff, cafeteria staff and all people I met of management, doctors and nurses.

Date: September 19, 2012
Room Number: 107

I would like to record my thanks, respects, appreciations, and my sincere gratitude to all of the medical team and nursing staff. Also I would like to send a special thanks to Ikrima, Allaa, and Alaa from the nursing staff for their intense desire and care for all patients and for their remarkable activity which aimed to achieve patients' satisfactions. Also, thank you for the Philippines crew, and a special thanks to Dr. Salam and Doctor Ahmad Maloh.

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