Patient Testimonials

Allow us to share with you the gratitude letters or appreciation notes received from some of our valued patients, who wanted to shed light on their positive experiences while with us.

For confidentiality reasons we only mentioned dates of service and rooms' numbers and posted patients and families testimonials as provided by them to our patients representatives while keeping the originals on files.

Date: December 21, 2013
Room Number: 116

Thanks to Dr. Rawan Tarawneh neurology and brain consultant and to all hospitalists and to the nursing team, I will talk about you in my home country Libya.

Date: December 11, 2013
Room Number: 115

Thank you for an outstanding service, specially the nurses before and after delivery, I will recommend everyone to choose Istishari Hospital whenever a health situation necessitates a hospital stay.

Date: December 10, 2013
Room Number: 112

I am writing to extend our thanks for the NICU team with special thanks to the head nurse Rola , the exceptional Dr. Amjad Kanaan, OBGYN and the NICU team, "real angels" for their diligence and help. Thanks very much for all of you for everything

Date: December 10, 2013
Room Number: 118

Thank you for your well following up and thanks for the Cleanliness team.

Date: November 28, 2013
Room Number: 205

Excellent nursing team highly qualified and up to patient and family expectations.

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