Intensive Care Unit


Recovery is not a Miracle at Ishtishari hospital

When patients are critically ill, there should be no question regarding the availability of resources that they may require. Our nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:1 furthers this commitment to superior patient care, allowing us to provide individualized attention to each of our patients along with a comfortable recovery process. The Istishari Hospital provides an unquestionably high standard of care, specialist expertise and technology, whether day or night, offering:

  • Highest quality intensive care Hill-Rom beds to minimize bed sores
  • Negative pressure isolation rooms for patients with compromised immune systems
  • Positive pressure isolation rooms for kidney transplant patients
  • Separate rooms equipped with portable kidney dialysis machines for post cardiac surgeries
  • Round-the-clock on-call physicians to provide comprehensive care and intervention for critically ill, heart or RTA patients


Patients in isolation may have visitors; however the nurse will ensure that visitors are educated on proper protective techniques and that these techniques are strictly followed.


  • Only one visitor at a time
  • No children allowed
  • Flowers are strictly forbidden

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