Patient Rights


As a patient at Istishari Hospital, you have the right to

  • Receive reasonable access to care, treatment, and services within the hospital's capacity, its stated mission, and the laws
  • Receive care that optimizes your comfort and dignity and respects your spiritual needs
  • Accept medical care or refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the medical consequences of refusal
  • Receive information necessary to enable you to make treatment decisions that reflect your wishes; to ask for any preferred consultant, change your provider, or receive a second opinion
  • Enjoy personal privacy in a safe, clean environment and to let us know if you would like to restrict your visitors or phone calls
  • Receive care regardless of your race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, or manner of payment
  • Have your bill explained and receive information about charges that you may be responsible for, and any potential limitations your policy may place on your coverage
  • Understand your diagnosis, condition and treatment, and make informed decisions about your care after being advised of material risks, benefits, and alternatives
  • Receive information, upon admission, about the hospital's policy on patient rights, patient compliance, patient privacy, and quality of care
  • Know the names and professional titles of your caregivers
  • Have visual and auditory privacy during examination and treatment, including the opportunity to request a transfer to a different room if space and circumstances allow
  • Confidentiality of your identifiable health information
  • Receive a copy of your medical file
  • Receive all necessary information to allow you to give an informed consent for any proposed procedure or treatment

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