What to Expect


At the Istishari Hospital, exceeding the expectations of our patients, families, and the communities we serve, is a solid and strategic guideline that our hospital management leadership team monitors on a daily basis.

As healthcare providers, it is not only an opportunity but our responsibility to educate our service providers on our mission of delivering compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients. All new employees are trained to follow our philosophy and standard of care. At the Istishari Hospital we teamed up with well trained, dedicated healthcare professionals, whose objective is to deliver the highest possible care that is affordable without compromising quality, while constantly monitoring performance, eliminating variations, documenting improvements, and strictly abiding by the highest international quality guidelines.

At Istishari Hospital, we are diligent in seeking to understand every patient's individual needs and preferences. Entrenched in this philosophy of all inclusive care, our patients and their families receive medical and surgical care in a safe and clean environment where services are delivered with a smile and a willingness to serve.

We invest in the latest technologies that allow our physicians and specialists to continuously improve medical outcomes, and deliver the best care possible in our state of-the- art, interdisciplinary facilities.

At Istishari Hospital we want you to experience the true meaning of care with every encounter with our excellent doctors and nurses, specialists, patient representatives, concierge staff, interpreters, nutritionists, and staff team members that are dedicated to supporting you throughout your stay.

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