Discharge Procedures


The final step in the hospital experience for an inpatient is the discharge process. The following procedures and instructions are put in place to ensure your follow up care for your safety and wellbeing:

  • Istishari hospital makes every effort to discharge patients by 12:00 pm, on the day of departure from the hospital
  • The physician will determine time of discharge and arrangements will be made to prepare all of the patient's discharge needs
  • Once the treating physician confirms a patient's discharge, the patient's file will be prepared by medical records and sent to accounting. Meanwhile, the nurses will do the final check up and provide the patient with any discharge instructions regarding medications and any special post treatment instructions
  • Arrangements must be made for patient pickup at the time of discharge
  • Patients should carefully check their rooms to ensure no belongings are left behind
  • A member of our hospital staff will escort the patient to the main lobby and provide any assistance needed in entering the vehicle
  • If a medical report is required, the attending physician will prepare one upon the patient's request. Patient Representatives are available for further assistance

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