Standards of Care


Istishari Hospital has been recognized by Joint Commission International, the most respected international body for hospital accreditation and certification, for our contributions to higher standards of care. Our multidisciplinary, patient-based approach has revolutionized how we deliver quality care. Every encounter is an opportunity for us to advance the health of our patients, families, and the communities we serve. The belief in the commitment to provide the best in patient care, is the core of what we conceive quality medical care represents. At Istishari Hospital, you are welcome to come and experience a new standard that is guided by our principles of ensuring the improvement of outcomes of care for our patients.

We are dedicated to applying the JCIA international standards as a base to build on, ensure patient safety, privacy, security, and satisfaction.

CARE: Compassion, Attention, Reliability, and Excellence, defines our values. We seek to realize these values fully in every aspect of service to our patients.

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