Our mission is a community partnership strengthened by a vision of CARE as our inspiration to leading the way through Compassion, Attention, Reliability and Excellence.


Each patient and family we welcome to Istishari Hospital come to us with their own unique needs and circumstances. We understand that their particular situation may be stressful. Every effort is made to provide you with all the education and guidance you need to make informed decisions regarding your care.

At Istishari Hospital, we are all part of the diverse communities we serve; therefore, we understand that when we care for our patients we are affecting the lives of a greater family.

Investment in People

We believe that our employees are our greatest strength, which is why we have invested in the best professional and administrative personnel in order to serve our patients well. We are proud to welcome top physicians, nurses, and support staff from around the world.

At Istishari we believe caring for our own team is the first step to compassionately caring for others. As a hospital we promote a warm, welcoming environment through ongoing education, mutual accountability, and innovation.


Istishari Hospital encourages the building of personal connections between our patients and staff from the very first visit. Whether we are answering your questions, addressing your concerns, finding an appointment date that works with your schedule, or introducing you to the nurses in your division, we focus on welcoming you and meeting your needs. We want you to feel that you are at home away from home. Our high nurse-to-patient ratio also means a friendly face is never far away.

Commitment to Service

At Istishari we are committed to 5-star quality patient services. We work to make your stay with us comfortable through first-class accommodation options, fine dining, and excellent support staff services.

Our patient representatives are on hand to guide you and assure your comfort. For navigating the world outside the hospital, we have a concierge staff at your service.


From the moment you walk through our doors, you will instantly feel that every system in place at Istishari Hospital was designed to assure comfortable, dependable, and efficient service.

Starting From the Ground Up

Long before opening our doors, our care for our patients began with the vision of world class architects whose design focused on the needs of the patients-like putting the NICU on the same floor with the labor and delivery rooms and building a welcoming, spacious atrium. The radiology department is adjacent to the Emergency Room to secure immediate access if needed. Our operating theatres were also built with laminar flow ventilation systems, reducing patients' risk of infection.


The attention to detail is daily brought to life by our systems and routines. It is our dedication to these practices that allow us to accurately pass on vital information, enforce checks and balances in very decision we make, and remain accountable for providing the outstanding medical care and service you depend on.


We are proud of our commitment to excellence and constantly search for ways to modernize and streamline our mission to provide our patients with advanced and comprehensive medical care.We are committed to providing exceptional care and constantly working to improving every aspect of our functioning as a hospital.

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